Client: Hickory's Smokehouse

The Smokin’ Deals

Social Media.
Art Direction.

The success of most restaurants is, more often than not, down to how busy they are during the traditionally quieter nights of the week. So getting people through the doors on Mondays through Thursdays is a critical part of a venues marketing mix.

This particular client has never gone down the route of price discounts so the success of the long-running ‘Smokin Deals’ is down to great value added extras – fries, milkshakes, wings etc – and some memorable marketing.

Easy to recall names for the deals are a key part of the strategy too – ‘Steak and Shake’; ‘Barbecue Blowout’, ‘The Burger Slam’ and ‘The Big Chicken Bucket’ form the latest offerings. Over the years, other successful previous deals have included the rib-based ‘Hog Heaven’; ‘Fajita Margarita’, ‘Brew and ‘Cue’ and – we apologise for this in advance – ‘The Hamshank Redemption’. ?

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