Congratulations. You’ve made it past the home page to the part of the site that tells you a bit about us. So that’s a good sign right? Read on to find out who we are, who we aren’t, what we do and what makes us tick.

Let’s crack on shall we…?

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The Why.

We’re all about the idea. The big idea. The little idea that becomes a bigger idea. The weird idea that makes people think. And the crazy idea that changes everything.

Because without ideas, the world doesn’t change. So expecting your business to change without some fresh thinking is just not going to happen. And generating ideas just happens to be what we’re good at.

But we’re also of the firm opinion that inspiration can come from anywhere – so if you’ve got some ideas of your own then tell us. Let’s see where we can take them together.

We love working with adventurous, daring clients who have a sense of fun and a real passion for their business – and understand that they sometimes have to zig when others zag even when it seems counter-intuitive.

So if that sounds like you, then get in touch.

We’ll probably make a great team.

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Airplane (1980): No… That’s just what they’ll be expecting us to do.


These people when faced with a decision, took the outrageous one – not knowing where it might lead them, but knowing that the safe decision had danger written all over it…
Paul Arden

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The Who.

Nope. Not those guys. ?

So your main point of contact will be Company and Creative Director Bob Berridge. A man known for his love of impulsive travel – he once visited a different active volcano every month for a whole year just because it sounded like it might be fun. A man feared and revered for his monumental – some might say relentless – wordplay. A man whose life ambition appears to be to try and emulate the Dos Equis Man off the telly ads. And a man who is unfortunately NOT the semi-famous Le Mans 24hr racing driver who’s also called Bob Berridge – just in case you’ve already googled him.

However, the story’s a bit bigger than that. As with any agency, your job probably won’t just involve Bob. He works with a team of experienced agencies and creative freelancers to make the magic happen – so just like Daltry, Moon, Entwistle and Townsend in the photo above, it’s the teamwork that makes the dream work. So alongside the omnipresent Bob you may find that your websites are springing to life with Dan, your TV campaign is being produced by Heidi, your 3D or illustrations crafted by Ant, your PR and schmoozing needs are serviced by Paula, your high end visual effects work composited by Eldon or perhaps some other super-talented creative that we pull out the bag.

We certainly know a few of ’em…

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