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• Do you work with larger clients?
Of course! Every team member & freelancer has had extensive personal or agency experience with national and global brands.

• Do you work with smaller clients?
For sure! Especially if you’re passionate about your business and are keen to do things differently to the crowd.

• Are you expensive?
That depends what you think of as being expensive…

• I guess. But seriously – are you expensive?
Well we’re way cheaper than a big agency. But no, you’re not going to get a new logo for a fiver or a website for a hundred quid if that’s what you’re fishing for. So you can stop those thoughts right there…

• I guess that’s me told then. 

• You’ve worked with a lot of restaurant groups. Is that all you do?
Hospitality has definitely been our niche for the past few years so we certainly have the experience in that field. But if you go back 10 years or so we were somewhat of a specialist in the TV and post-production industry too when we had half the production facilities in the Manchester area as digital clients. So we can turn our hand to many a sector and we a range of clients from architects and financial services to forklift trucks. So no – not just restaurants.

• Erm, well I can’t really think of anymore questions at the minute… 
No worries. But if you think of any more ‘need to knows’, then just send us a quick message using the form on this page and we’ll try and provide answers for you!


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