Client: Hickory's Smokehouse

The Newspaper Menu


The subject of post-lockdown menus for the restaurant industry was a challenging one. The old Hickory’s menus were fairly heavy duty affairs with five or six A4 card inserts encased in a wooden menu holder that remained on the table between different sittings along with a separate drinks list and other table-talker based marketing. So what were the options in a covid safe environment?

An app or QR code to view the menu on a device would be too unwieldy as the Hickory’s menu is too large and flexible to view easily on a small phone screen. And a for a brand that appeals to all ages and conjures up visions of roadside BBQ shacks in the Deep South, the use of such tech didn’t sit comfortably so a more old school approach was required.

Enter the concept of a disposable menu – one that could be used once and then recycled. But Hickory’s venues are enormously popular and busy venues, so the only way to make this approach cost effective on a big print run was the return of our old friend – the trusty newspaper. Marketing on the front, menu in the middle and drinks on the back in a 4 page tabloid format.

The result? A hit with both client and guests. And the restaurants have never been busier. Until the next lockdown of course… 🙁

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