Client: Hickory's Smokehouse

Hickory’s at Home


The first Hickory’s restaurant was conceived during a road trip to the Southern States of the USA where the founders discovered true barbecue and authentic Southern Hospitality. So when they decided to launch “Hickory’s at Home”, an online service that delivers pre-smoked BBQ to your door, a road trip designed approach seemed the obvious choice.

The idea was to create the full Hickory’s experience at home rather than just be about receiving a box of meat through the post.

So “From the Smokehouse to Your House” became the slogan whilst the design of the packaging features simple sketches of a highway and road signs. This approach works as a way of connecting the different panels of the box together and also creates functional guide lines for the team to affix the packing tape before dispatch. Best of all, if you flatten and lay out the box, it unfolds into a playmat for the kids, continuing the road trip adventure!

The boxes also contain a QR Code that links the user to a curated Spotify playlist so people can sample the atmosphere of a Hickory’s  before they even unpack the food. Inside there’s a 20 page booklet with at-a-glance cooking times alongside step-by-step  instructions for the pre-mixed cocktails.

There’s also fun items like a custom designed Hickory’s bib for the messy eaters, a popcorn bag, a custom wing-shaker and a whole host of other bits and pieces. Then there’s the set of labels for batched cocktails but more on all of these in later project posts.

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